Size Genetics – Peyronie’s and Fixing a Bend in the Penis

To most men, the penis is thought of as the most vital of organs. Figures often show that men are affected both physically and mentally by the size and function of their penis. Quite often a man’s sexual potency is represented by his penis. As the main sexual organ it is vital in satisfying sexual wants and needs. It is also part of the sexual reproduction unit and without it conventional reproduction would be impossible. To most men the size is considered very important, but equally important is the shape. Often this can be even more important to the female as it promotes a far more aesthetic looking penis. Moreover the overall shape of ones male sexual organ can be the difference between successful sex and dysfunctional sex.

Very few men have a completely straight penis as for the most part they are at least somewhat bent in some direction. This is quite normal and no one should feel distressed at a slight curvature of the penis. It is very rare for a man to have absolutely no curvature whatsoever his penis. Curvature in the penis can be the result of many different factors or occurrences both genetic and physical. The genetic component is decided by your family, as the combination of their genes is what decides your physical appearance, and the penis is no different. This will also apply to the size and the skin color of the penis obviously.

However there are external factors which can affect the size and shape of your penis. In some ways these are very good things as this is how certain methods can enlarge a man’s penis. Not all alterations of the penis are a good thing though, especially in the case of curvature caused by accidents. Any accident causing enough trauma to the penis to cause it to be curved in a manner unnatural to it can be of great concern to anyone. Also if the injury is untreated or severe enough the curvature can become worse over time. Another thing to consider is a medical condition called Peyronie’s, which is a disease which causes the penis to curve due to the formation of scar tissues in the penis. This condition can be quite serious and will need to be treated by a medical doctor in order to stop the condition getting far worse. Once treated by a doctor, then often the use of traction devices such as Size Genetics can be used to great effect to straighten the penis.

There are many differing opinions as to the benefits of a straight penis over a crooked penis during sex. A straight penis is far more aesthetically pleasing and women are more inclined to have sex with someone who has a straight penis. Just consider for yourself how much more you would like a pair of even breasts rather than ones which were of odd shapes. Accordingly, one of the turn offs of women is when they see a penis with a peculiar shape. Women become less enthusiastic when engaging to sex and some even decline the idea. It is very hard to imagine how an odd shaped penis will totally penetrate in a very small vaginal hole. This is one of the reasons why having an extremely curved penis is always a disadvantage. The thing about it is that the sexual intercourse will be very painful both for the man and woman. Indeed, sex is not enjoyable when the pain is felt in the entire session.

The only advantage that a crooked penis has is the sensation that it brings once it has entered the vagina. Accordingly, there is a different feeling and something that provides great satisfaction. Luckily though it is still curable with the use of a good traction device such as Size Genetics, as a curved penis can give a man a lot of trouble. Others say the exercise will work and some even suggested unconventional ways of straightening the penis. All situations point that a straight penis is often preferred than a curved penis. It helps in attracting women and makes every sexual encounters effortless with all satisfaction provided.